phase#1 konark is a basic gps-gsm toolkit that is self-produced and uses open- source software. Its first objective is to connect a vehicle using gps and gsm to a remote server – thereafter possibilities emerge through a potential range of onboard sensors and through the web and cellular mobiles linking the vehicle to the global information highway.
The basic toolkit may retrofitted onto a vehicle so changing the nature of its interaction with potential users and with the environment of chaotic roadways typical of the megacities like Mumbai.

konark is a street-level autonomous eye carried onbroad the moving vehicle. Its basic architecture is a first step to the construction of an information loop for the vehicle to connect the different environments that need to come together to model an integrated ecology of mobility: the territorial, the energy and the virtual environments.

In this video link, developers
Jigar Savla and Viraj Motivaras describe the different components and their functions within the toolkit:
Quicktime Phase 1 prototype

setting out parameters

phase #1


May 2010