The bicycle is a model means of transport but also a personal tool that requires care and maintenance.
Energywise the bicycle maybe autonomous,
but it raises problems when it becomes a collective shareable tool.

In our fast moving culture of constant upgrades and new models, the cycle is an example of a technology that does not change. The bicycle as an unchanging form intercedes between our real needs and the potential of new technology to create new forms of social interaction: now made
possible by the participative potential of the internet. The successes of Ebay and Napster are testimony to such possibilities when bureaucracy is responsive to such initiatives.

xyz bicycle began as a small scale community resource which could be up-scaled to an urban scale. The operating principle was that bikes should be available for the same price as a daily travel card on public transport. The resource was operating from 2004 to 2006.
20 used bicycles from reputable non-criminal sources were taken apart, and rebuilt as yellow xyz bicycles in reference to the Circle line of the London underground map: a recycled bicycle resource.

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July 2004