A moving vehicle may no longer be just a mobile carriage - it is also a object capable of intelligent decision-making processes. In the new 'cyberphysical' space there are no longer any dead carriers. Through retrofitting in new communication and information management tools, old carriers with their embedded carbon value can become intelligent carriers. This is important if a vehicle is to engage other ecological parameters such as energy management using renewable forms of energy (as in electric vehicles), coordinating the potential diversity of means (what urbanists call the cyclomatic factor) for the number of possible circuits available for going from a to b; by train, bus, cycle, walking…etc

At another level, the integration with personal mobile communication through gsm used by all sections of society, rich and poor alike, changes the relationship between the communication environment  and territorial environment, as well as the relationship between mass mobility and private mobility. Thus when we commute, our physical bodies may be displaced and move through urban space; however the personal information space linked through our gsm or gprs tools to remote servers stays static with every person building a personal constellation of communicating subjects, mobile or static.

setting out parameters


phase #1
primary toolkit


May 2010