Maison Radieuse
is Le Corbusier's Unité building in Rezé, Nantes
It houses a thousand people.
A variety of ecological initiatives by the residents are integrated into the way the Modernist building operates today. In the reality of consumer culture, such processes collectively reduce the ecological footprint of a community in modular stages: however the reduction does not affect the dependence on consumer culture and its underlying ecological footprint.

A circulatory currency is a means of linking and exchanging between segregated social processes - eg commodity culture, routine daily work, ecologic voluntaristic processes, etc. The currency is a means not only of measuring and inter-relating multiple processes but of reproducing these processes in a second generation of value creation.

The start of this currency and cyclic process is underway with the creation of value for the currency ecosXchange. At the beginning this is purely through waste saving initiatives for collective implementation at Maison Radieuse. This creates the initial value to underwrite the currency and complementary economy. This is recycled back into an entirely new generation of value-creation.


November 2006