Health & Wealth is based on all combinations of numbers between 1 and 49 as on a National Lottery form. The lottery form is a statistically democratic grid through which all social aspirations can be channeled through in a million unique &
different ways each day.
The lottery may be seen as a particular form of social currency circulation that gives and takes away - barters - in ways that paradoxically over-simplify and unify cultural complexities.

In the gaming process the lottery converts all possible permutations of 1 to 49 to ideally form into a pyramidal shape; the top of the pyramid [1] symbolises the jackpot and the demographics of distribution and social development.

Health and Wealth uses the same process to recreate a game for the Health and Wealth syndicate. In this game public space and private values are structured in accordance with free individual choice. The values of free individual choice are made by individual participants to provide the 6 numbers between 1 and 49 needed for use in the lottery. These numbers are pooled together by the syndicate to symmetrically mirror the dynamics of pyramidal social construction.


October 2006