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Lichtenberg Diary
Explorations and readings
Lichtenberg Studios Berlin

Socialist Amnesia: A Lichtenberg Diary of Interventions

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Socialist Amnesia a wandering assemblage.
Edition with postscript 2023
Draft publications 2021 and 2022

In the sea of signs that rule contemporary life, the red star follows the unsanctioned signs placed by unknown authors - the tags in the housing estates of Neu Hohenschönhausen as the hidden signs of an absented revolution.

The residency is a project of wandering using a single working tool of a small red star. The red star is the project's visual guide and marker of space and time; the recorder of the residency exploration that revisits legacies of history through other claims of the everyday.

The subject and object of exploration lay in the former GDR, particularly its vast socialist-era housing in the district of Hohenschönhausen. And their place in post-reunification German memory.

Lichtenberg Diary: an exploratory work based on an artist residency in Lichtenberg, East Berlin.


Dornröschen Lichtenberg
Roses, Remembrance and Revolution

The place of a socialist revolution in post-unification convolutions of memory

Dissensus in Disneyland

Interventions in the signs and surfaces of social housing.
How visible does an intervention have to be visible?

Passengers of the Revolution

Travelling with the Red Star through 20th century Berlin and beyond

The legacy of plattenbau social housing

The Prefabrication of Utopia in East Berlin published to mark the 30th anniversary of Die Wende
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Text at Lichtenberg studios

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